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Saturday, April 1, 2023

OSE postpones the plan to lower the water pressure in Montevideo

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The state company ruled out this alternative for the moment due to the improvement in reserves due to the rains.

The directory of SBI decided not to change the pressure of the drinking water in Montevideo for the moment after the rainfall of the last two days collaborated to improve the reserves that it has to supply the metropolitan area.

The president of OSE, Raúl Montero, had anticipated on Thursday that “in Montevideo they are studying it. It is a more difficult network to manage. In small places, in many small places it is already being done.”

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Regarding the city of minesin lavalleja, where the pressure reduction is applied due to the critical situation, it is estimated that, if it rains again, normal water pressure could be returned. On Wednesday the level of the channel of the Santa Lucia River increased and the basin of the greater Minas reservoir, on the San Francisco stream, rose 26 millimeters, according to OSE.

The alternative of lowering the pressure of drinking water “makes people spend less”, explained the head of OSE, who assured that the company must “ensure that everyone has water”.

Precisely, in Montevideo the law has been in force since February ban on non-priority use of drinking water, with sanctions included in case of non-compliance. Regarding this, Montero ratified: “Everything that was implemented is maintained. We have not solved the issue. We have to see how it evolves, how it continues“.

Source: Ambito

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