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Domestic workers and teachers, against the pension reform

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From the unions they establish that by increasing the retirement age to 65, it would complicate the working conditions of these sectors.

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The Uruguayan Federation of Teachers (FUM) and the Single Union of Domestic Workers They were aware of the project of the social Security Reform, establishing that, being a very sacrificed job, extending the retirement age would complicate their working conditions.

From the union, they expressed that they were taken into account when specifying the risk groups. “We made a series of proposals stating the characteristics of our sector, which at first was not taken into account among the groups that are at risk and that it is a very sacrificial job”, established Mariela Burlon of the Union of Domestic Workers to the medium Underlined.

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That is why they developed a project where they explain the difficulties that the sector is going through to explain the difficulties that they are going through and those that they would go through if the reform is approved. “We are one of those who come with more than twelve hours of work because eight hours are not regulated, we can no longer cope with our physique. This would give us problems and we also do it thinking about those that come after us”, remarked Burlón.

teachers too

From the Uruguayan Federation of Teachers, they highlighted that by extending the retirement age of teachers, the quotas for income will be decreased and new teachers will be affected that they look for work. “In this current year we have a large number of colleagues without work. So, those generations that are receiving, if we ask the colleagues who are working to do it for five more years, those who graduate with training to start working, must take longer to enter the system and this generates demotivation, ”he explained. Gabriela Arbelechea member of FUM.

On the other hand, they point out that, by extending working time, it implies a deterioration of health that not only affects the teacher but also also to his students. “If the teacher starts to get sick, the students start to miss their teacher,” Arbeleche explained.

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