Coalition with “Kellernazis”: Kogler considers Mikl-Leitner to be irresponsible

Coalition with “Kellernazis”: Kogler considers Mikl-Leitner to be irresponsible
Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler (Greens)

Your action, “to raise the waiter Nazis to higher floors” is “irresponsible,” said the Green federal spokesman in the “Krone”. How Mikl-Leitner wants to “democratically re-socialize” the FPÖ officials, she first has to prove: “The risk is too great.”

It is a huge problem for the republic that the Lower Austrian FPÖ, of all people, is given office and dignity through a work agreement: “There is an FPÖ party leader who mocks earthquake victims and doesn’t begrudge them anything just because the earthquake is in Syria and Turkey. ” That is unacceptable: “It knocks my cables out.”

“Blockade” of the ÖVP

That coming week in National Council no rental price brake can be decided, according to Kogler, is due to a “blockade” by the ÖVP. From his point of view, the best thing would have been to have decided on both – a rent brake and a subsidy.

Whether the People’s Party with the coalition in Lower Austria and the keynote speech by Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) is already preparing a government with the FPÖ, Kogler leaves open and is relaxed: “You can signal to the right and then go straight on.” The vice chancellor himself apparently plans to run again as a top candidate in the next election: “I was elected federal spokesman for the Greens until mid-2025. I take that as an incentive to run again.”

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