Heart and respiratory problems: Pope in hospital

Heart and respiratory problems: Pope in hospital
On Wednesday morning, Pope Francis took part in the general audience, then he complained about health problems.

Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said in a press release that he was to be subjected to investigations that had already been planned. According to media reports, the Pope could spend a few days in the hospital. The Pope’s appointments on Thursday and Friday, as well as an interview in the Vatican scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, have been cancelled.

Complaints “not worrying”

According to the Milan daily Corriere della Sera, the Pope was taken to the Gemelli Clinic by ambulance after he complained of heart problems and breathing difficulties late Wednesday morning. He was admitted to the cardiology department of the polyclinic. The complaints are currently classified as “not worrying”, but the pontiff has reportedly been subject to various investigations. The hospital reported that a computed tomography of the chest revealed negative results.

Room on the tenth floor

As usual, the Pope took part in the general audience on Wednesday. He is said to have felt uncomfortable in the Santa Marta guest house. He was then taken to the polyclinic in an ambulance. Francis is in a room on the tenth floor of the polyclinic, known as the “Popes’ apartment” because Francis’ predecessors were often treated here. Francis had already spent a ten-day stay here in connection with his colon surgery on July 4, 2021.

Easter celebrations at risk?

In recent months, the 86-year-old has been burdened by knee problems. The Holy Father had previously refused knee surgery out of concern about the effects of the anesthesia. The Pope’s health problems cast a shadow over the upcoming Easter celebrations that are keeping the head of the Catholic Church busy. On Sunday morning, Francis was to celebrate the liturgical celebration of Palm Sunday as the start of Holy Week in St. Peter’s Square. This is a large service in front of tens of thousands of believers on St. Peter’s Square.

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