Plagiarism proceedings for Popper’s diploma thesis discontinued

Plagiarism proceedings for Popper’s diploma thesis discontinued
Simultaneous researcher Niki Popper

Based on these results, “the proceedings will be discontinued and the academic degree will not be revoked”. The revocation of an academic degree presupposes an intention to deceive, which could not be determined in Popper’s depiction of lung function taken from a medical work, it was said. The procedure for Popper’s dissertation has not yet been completed. This is still in the review process by external experts. “A result can be expected in a few months,” says Kurt Matyas, Vice Rector for Studies and Teaching.

The TU had initiated the procedure for checking the two works after allegations by the “plagiarism hunter” Stefan Weber in January. Even then, the university stated that “the honesty of Dr. Popper is beyond doubt”. Popper himself spread the decision on Thursday via Twitter and quoted the passage “… clearly recognizing independent work and originality that would have justified a very good assessment” from the report.

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