Zelensky plans to travel to South America in search of support for the war

Zelensky plans to travel to South America in search of support for the war

The president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenskyexpressed his desire to travel to South America to gain support and support from the countries of the region in the war with Russia: “I want to talk to them.”

This was confirmed by the Ukrainian president in a 100-minute interview: “I am willing, I have requested meetings from almost all the countries in the region. I am ready to go; I want to talk to them. His people, his society, trusts its leaders. And, if I talk to them, I will be able to tell them in detail who (Russian President Vladimir) Putin is, that he is not that big.”

In addition, Zelenski referred to the position taken by the Government of Argentina regarding the conflict and noted that “Argentina supported our resolution at the United Nations; we are very grateful for it.”


“Before, everything was based on relations with the Soviet Union. We, Ukraine, since independence I think we built more relations with Europe because we are on the European continent, and because Ukraine has always wanted to join the European Union. And I think that this meant a political defeat because the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomats had to work to build strong economic relations with Latin America“, he analyzed in relation to the ties with the region.

The Pope’s support for Ukraine

Among other topics, the interview with Vladimir Zelenski spoke about Pope Francis’ relationship with Ukraine: “The Pope supports the Ukrainians and supports Ukraine. He really wants this bloody war to end.” At that point, he added: “(The Pope) tried to help, and I was very grateful to him.”

“The second time I met with him was recently. He wanted the Vatican to be represented at a peace summit, and he wanted the Pope to support my formula for peace. And that nobody take advantage of his political personality or as a communicator, because sometimes the Pope talks about something and the media, some media – especially the Russian ones – begin to distort it in their favor“, he added.

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Courtesy: Washington Post

19 days ago, the Ukrainian president met with the Supreme Pontiff and asked him to support the kyiv peace plan. The Holy Father indicated that the Vatican would assist in the repatriation of Ukrainian children taken to Russia.

Zelensky, who was visiting Rome for the first time since the start of the war, spoke with the Supreme Pontiff for 40 minutes and you gave away a bulletproof vest which had been used by a Ukrainian soldier and later painted with an image of the Virgin. According to a Vatican statement, in their private conversations, Zelensky and the Pope spoke of “humanitarian gestures”which, according to a Vatican source, was a reference to the Vatican’s willingness to assist in the repatriation of the Ukrainian children.

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