“For older people, the Internet is no longer a strange world”

“For older people, the Internet is no longer a strange world”
Two thirds book their holidays on the computer.
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Computer instead of typewriter, tablet and smartphone instead of landline phone. The current generation of seniors in particular has experienced the technological leap of the past 40 years at first hand. As “Digital immigrants”so “digital immigrants”, it therefore designates spiritual science. Unlike the younger ones “digital natives” (the “digital natives”) they know a different world than the one with online shopping, streaming services or video calls.

that the “immigrant” integrate well, shows a study by the Upper Austrian Senior Citizens’ Association among its members. 97 percent of around 1100 respondents stated that they own a smartphone and use it every day. The computer is also used several times a week or daily by 85 percent of those over 60 years of age.

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The uses for both end devices are diverse. In addition to functions such as making calls (97 percent) and taking photos (96 percent), around 64 percent of seniors stated that they use their smartphone for online banking transactions. Almost two thirds (64 percent) use the computer to book and plan trips.

According to the Upper Austrian Seniors’ Association chairman, Josef Pühringer, the results of the study would show one thing above all: “The Internet is no longer a strange world for the elderly.” One of the remaining hurdles, however, is the fear of scams on the Internet. 45 percent stated that they rarely use certain digital services or not at all.

Courses for orientation in the digital world are in demand at the Seniors’ Association. courses like “IT for beginners” would be popular. “Today’s senior citizens are curious and also want to participate in society on the Internet.”

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