Meditating towards knowledge

Meditating towards knowledge

Lecture with Bruno Buchberger on April 8th in the Kepler Salon

Two opposites that are not: science and meditation – at least not according to Austria’s Scientist of the Year 2010, Bruno Buchberger. In his new book, the renowned mathematician and computer scientist presents a “path to a conscious natural society” that works through the interaction of the two worlds – that of the intellect and that of silence.

For the Emeritus Professor of Computational Mathematics at the JKU, science is “the ever-finer penetration of nature with the methods of the intellect.” But meditation is “the holistic experience of nature by letting go of the intellect.” Both together can lead to personal happiness and a happy future for society.

The key, according to Buchberger, is to “invent a lifestyle that combines limitless scientific and technological brilliance with limitless deep intuitive harmony with nature.”

The author has been an internationally successful scientist for five decades and has been practicing meditation regularly since 1973. The rector of the JKU, Stefan Koch, will be the host at the book presentation in the Kepler Salon on April 8th.

Book presentation by “Science and Meditation: Towards a Conscious Natural Society” at the April 8th around 19:30 o’clock in the Kepler SalonAdmission free

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