Gasoline and diesel go down in June

Gasoline and diesel go down in June

The government, through Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM), ordered a decrease in the fuel prices for the month of June, following the recommendations of the Ursea based on its Import Price Parity (PPI) report.

The minister Elisa Facio announced that the reduction will be 0.5 pesos for a liter of gasoline and 1.5 pesos for a liter of diesel. Meanwhile, supergas, in greater demand when the cold season begins, will maintain its value unchanged.

“This decision sustains the commitment of the current administration, by maintaining a close analysis of international variables. In this way, national economic activity and the well-being of the population are safeguarded,” said the MIEM.

What are the new fuel prices?

With the changes in prices, which had been suggested by Ursea in its report two days ago, the retail values ​​remain at $77.54 per liter of Super 95 gasoline. While 50S diesel It will reach a maximum sales price of $52.42 per liter.

Supergas maintains its current price of 80.75 pesos per kilo for the third consecutive month, because a significant gap still persists with respect to the PPI that is absorbed by Ancapreported the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining.

The new fuel prices will reach pumps throughout the country starting at midnight this Saturday, June 1.

What did the Ursea PPI report point out?

The Ursea report, taking into account prices and the international situation, indicated that gasoline could reduce its value by up to 2.6%, while diesel could drop a maximum of 6.47% and supergas should also fall to 5.43%.

In this way, the PPI of gasoline Premium 97 was 67.84 pesos, with a decrease of 2.59%, while that of the Super 95 It was 65.36 pesos, a decrease of 2.61. While the diesel 50S It would be worth 40.02 pesos and the 10S 40.06 pesos. Meanwhile, supergas would go to 25.98 pesos.

Source: Ambito

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