The S&P Merval conquered its fourth rise in a row: what was the action that shot up 11%

The S&P Merval conquered its fourth rise in a row: what was the action that shot up 11%

He argentine stock market It is operating on the rise this Wednesday, after a negative start, in a context of global markets with a mostly positive trend after knowing the inflation data for the United States, which stood at 4.9% year-on-year, within expectations. This information that was released during the morning of this day generated a dissipation of the possibilities of new increases in rates by the Federal Reserve (Fed), the US central bank.

Within this framework, the leading index of the Argentine stock market, the S&P Merval of Buenos Aires rises 0.35% and reaches 308,852,490 points. Although the day had started with a positive streak, that trend was later reversed and, later, the upward bias resumed, in line with what happened during the three consecutive days, which were of increases.

This trend responds to the dynamics of the shares of the leading panel, which lose up to 10.98% this Wednesday. The action that rises the most is that of Mirgor, followed by Comercial del Plata (+2.77%) and Supervielle (+2.23%). While the ones that fell the most were Transportadora de Gas del Norte (-2.58%) and Transportadora de Gas del Sur (-1.54%).

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Argentine stocks on Wall Street

The Argentine stocks listed on Wall Street They follow, for the most part, the trend of the United States stock market, which was invigorated by the inflation data in that country, and are on the rise, led by Telecom Argentina (+5.5%), Mercado Libre (+2 87%) and Grupo Supervielle (2.64%). Meanwhile, the ones that fell the most this Wednesday are those of Transportadora Gas del Sur (-1.23%), IRSA (-0.69%) and Edenor (-0.22%).

Bonds and country risk

And, for their part, the Argentine bonds in dollars have bullish majority this Wednesday. The one that rises the most is the Global 2041 (+3.5%), the Global 2029 (+3%) and the AL45 and Global 2044, both of which are up 2%. While those that fall are the Global 2038 (-2.3%) and the AL30 (-0.2%).

The country risk rises 10 points (0.4%) in the day to 2,528 units.

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