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The news of the luxury market in Argentina

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At the local level, the instability of the economic outlook causes citizens to lose confidence in the peso and, given this, families that manage to maintain a surplus at the end of the month choose to keep their savings in other types of assets. There are endless new investment options, but many of them are short-lived. Therefore, the dollar, gold and jewels continue to be a true and classic investment safe haven.

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All this favors that within the luxury market, jewelry is not affected by economic fluctuations thanks to globalized customers. Also, the great movement of international tourism Argentina lives in is a very good opportunity for this type of business.

According to our experience in Testorelli 1887, jewelry and watches are the most chosen by men and women for the pleasure to use, how easy they can be moved and the ease with which the heirs can take possession of them for later sale if necessary. It is that the resale value in watches is subject to the prestige and trajectory of the brand, in jewelry the value is recognized worldwide.

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As for jewelry for men, the trend shows that customers have incorporated the use of chains and bracelets, both in yellow gold and white gold, into their outfits.

Meanwhile, women opt for pieces in white gold with diamonds and colored gems, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, or larger pieces with gems such as citrines, blue topaz and amethysts. For them, pearls have also been revalued as an elegant and sophisticated option.

All in all, we can affirm that the luxury market still has a long way to go and new ways of reinventing itself to offer exclusive experiences that are ever closer to its customers.

VP of Testorelli 1887.

Source: Ambito

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