New name for the FH?

New name for the FH?
Studying at the technical college
Image: University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Josef Moser

Verena Mittellechner

Verena Mittellechner


noun est omen

The technical colleges are too often confused with the technical colleges, say the technical colleges again and again. With the new name, the future universities, which have always struggled with their role in the shadow of the universities, finally want to be their equal in name. In Germany and Switzerland, the term “university” has long been common, bringing some order into the university jungle in the German-speaking world can’t be wrong.

Appropriately, the new name would also correspond to the subtitle “University of Applied Sciences” with which the universities of applied sciences advertise. Because that’s what they’ve developed into over the past 30 years: into research institutes, not just training centers.

Elizabeth Prechtl

Elizabeth Prechtl

Editor Economics

Rehearsed team

Never change a winning team” – in phases in which everything seems to be working, no football coach would think of tearing a well-established team apart and changing the basics of tactics and line-up. The universities of applied sciences (FH) should also orientate themselves on this. The first ten courses started in the academic year 1994/95. Since then, the universities of applied sciences have developed rapidly: in the past ten years alone, the number of students has increased by 52 percent.

The Austrians know this success story under the name FH. Humans are creatures of habit: Even if the official name is changed, very few will say “HAW”. Then it’s better to stay officially at FH.

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