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Security expert Mölling: Is Russia putting the Wagner group on an ammunition diet?

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In Ukraine, the attackers are increasingly faced with logistical challenges. Russia seems to be having more and more problems with arms and ammunition deliveries, says security expert Christian Mölling. In the podcast he also talks about the power struggles between the Kremlin and the Wagner Group.

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Russia seems to be having more and more problems with supplying weapons and ammunition, says security expert Christian Mölling star– “Ukraine – The Situation”. “Overall, it seems that while Russia is not running out of ammunition, it is not in sufficient supply,” he says. “Which means, in turn, that the course of the war cannot be shaped as originally imagined.”

Wagner boss Prigozchin is apparently moving to the center of power

In the podcast he also talks about the alleged dispute between the Wagner mercenary group and the Russian leadership. The security expert says: “According to reports, the head of the Wagner Group has managed to bring himself much more into the center of the political events of power in the Kremlin.” Now you can see that the Kremlin has lost power as a result. If not enough ammunition arrives in Bachmut, this must not only be for military reasons, but can also be for political reasons. It’s a power game in the Kremlin, “where they’re trying to slow down the Wagner people and put them on an ammunition diet, so they can’t get any further.” Mölling is skeptical that the missing weapons will be supplied by China. If China delivered and the US responded with the threatened sanctions, there would be a “form of economic warfare that would overshadow everything else.” This puts China in a dilemma. He also considers delivery via secret detours to be too risky from the Chinese point of view. “It’s really hard to get large amounts of material into Russia without leaving a trace,” he says.

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