Model program: Minister: Strengthen the mental health of young people

Model program: Minister: Strengthen the mental health of young people

The pandemic has left its mark on many young people. Depression and eating disorders increased. Now the teenagers should be helped at schools.

Children and young people should receive more support for their mental health in schools in the future. In a model program at around 100 schools, “Mental Health Coaches” will impart knowledge about mental health and provide information about in-depth help and advice.

“The last few years have been extremely stressful. Corona was associated with massive restrictions and massive burdens,” said Family Minister Lisa Paus (Greens) at the start of the program at a Berlin school. According to the minister, the “mental health coaches” – social educators – are supposed to create safe spaces in schools. “It’s important not to be ashamed in such situations, but to get the help you need,” said Paus.

Several studies show that children and young people suffered particularly during the Corona period: from one day to the next, sports and music were stopped and friends were no longer allowed to meet. According to Minister Paus, depression and eating disorders have increased sharply.

“Then we went back to school and it was time to catch up, catch up. And then immediately after that came the war in Europe,” said Paus. And the consequences, such as inflation, would concern everyone. “I don’t know how many of you couldn’t go on vacation this year because money is tight. There’s definitely someone out there,” said Paus. Everyone deals with such stress differently. It is therefore important to have contacts for individual concerns.

Source: Stern

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