Polcanova feeds Froschberg’s hope

Polcanova feeds Froschberg’s hope
Sofia Polcanova

LINZ. “We are already under a bit of pressure,” says Günther Renner, the president of Austria’s table tennis series champion Linz AG Froschberg, and speaks about the bitter 2:3 home defeat against ALCL Grand Quevilly at the start of the group phase of the Champions League. On Sunday (4 p.m.) the next French club, Etival ASRTT, will be playing in the Lissfeld sports park and is therefore supposedly of a larger caliber than its geographical “neighbor”. Nevertheless, optimism is spreading.

The latter is fueled by European champion Sofia Polcanova, who is picking up speed after a four-month injury break (hip, knee), even if her match practice (three games since her comeback) is still limited. “I noticed that things were going in the right direction – physically and mentally. I did really well in Frankfurt,” reported the 28-year-old, who beat the strong Chinese Wang Yidi (No. 4) at the WTT Champions after a tough fight was defeated 1:3. “She played like she never left,” Renner said.

The elimination is still not inconvenient. A move to the semi-finals would have meant that Polcanova would not have been available at all due to the tight schedule in the “premier class”. Which would have hit Froschberg hard.

“The Champions League means everything to us. It is the main reason why a media value of 1.4 million euros was calculated for us. That is the decisive and vital factor, because our sponsorship volume is based on that,” explained Renner. Coach Zsolt Harczi will make a change: Russian Yana Noskova will play instead of Croatian Ivana Malobabic. (Alex)

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