7 Best Chargers for Samsung S22 Ultra (Review 2022)

7 Best Chargers for Samsung S22 Ultra (Review 2022)

Want a charger for your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra that can charge fast? Here are the 7 best chargers for Samsung S22 Ultra that you can buy on Amazon in 2022.

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and are on the quest for a charger that can charge it fast without affecting the battery life? If yes then we bring you 7 of the best chargers for Samsung S22 Ultra that you buy on Amazon right now.

Running out of battery is a common thing if you are an Android phone user and so is the case with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. There is barely anything you can do about it except getting a fast charger that can charge your phone in no time.

However, getting a charger is not as simple as it may seem, that you just went online and ordered one. From charging watts and how fast the charger charges to the budget on which you are looking for the charger, there are a number of things that you have to consider to make the right choice. 

3 Important Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Charger for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra


The very first thing that you need to consider when choosing the best charger for Samsung S22 ultra is how powerful a charger is. The charging power of a charger is denoted by watts. The higher the number of watts will be, the more powerful a charger will be.

Unlike the previous smartphone models in the Galaxy series from Samsung that support the 25w power brick, the S22 ultra supports the 45w charger. So ideally, you should buy a 45w charger as it will charge your phone the fastest. 

However, you can even consider buying a 25w charger because the time difference between a 25w and 45w charger is merely 8-10 minutes if you are charging your S22 ultra from 0% to 100%.   

Power Delivery (PPS):

While buying the best charger for Samsung S22 Ultra, make sure that it is PD PPS compatible. Now, you might be wondering what’s that?

So, PD means Power Delivery and PPS stands for Programmable Power Supply. 

Power Delivery is basically a charging protocol that enables the user to charge devices without being worried regarding high-voltage input and thermal impact.

On the other hand, Programmable Power Supply is responsible for making changes in voltage and current based on the charging status of the device. 

So if a charger is PD PPS compatible it means that it will have minimized conversion loss and boosted charging efficiency. Moreover, less heat will be produced, and that ultimately will help in increasing the lifespan of your phone’s battery.     

GaN Technology 

GaN stands for Gallium Nitride, it’s a material that seems very much like a crystal and has a higher capacity for conducting higher voltages. Overall, when we compare a GaN charger to a silicon charger, we see that the current passes at a much faster rate in a GaN charger.

Not only that! GaN chargers have a higher thermal conductivity and they have lower on-resistance that allows them to do faster processing while producing less heat.

Another great advantage of GaN chargers is that they are smaller in size by up to 50% compared to a silicon charger. The reason why it’s like that is because GaN chargers produce less heat and that allows the components to be closer to each other. Ultimately decreasing the size of the charger.         

Top 5 Best Charger for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra To Buy On Amazon

  • Anker 715 Nano II 65W USB C Charger



Our very first pick for the best charger for Samsung S22 ultra is Anker 715 Nano II and there are obvious reasons why it deserves the top spot.

From compactness and durability to compatibility and performance, this charger offers you everything that you expect from a top-rated mobile phone charger.   

The best thing we liked about Anker 715 is that it is one of the most versatile chargers on the market as it can charge many of your personal devices. No matter if it’s your phone, laptop, tablet, or even smartwatch. 

Talking about the design, Anker 715 actually has a very innovative compact design that will surely take up less space than your old charger. It supports GaN II technology that helps minimize the size of the charger without sacrificing power drop.

As far as charging performance is concerned, it can charge your Samsung S22 Ultra at a lightning-fast speed. All thanks to its compatibility with Samsung super-fast charging support. 

Moreover, Anker 715 Nano II is a 65W charger so if you are on the quest for the best 65w charger for S22 ultra, there is no better option available at the moment than this one.

Another exceptional feature of the charger is that it supports the IEC 62368-1 safety standard. This means that you can sleep worry-free while your phone is on charge. 


  • Compact and portable
  • Great build quality
  • Faster charging than OEM chargers
  • Foldable prongs


  • May get heated when charging for long
  • You have to buy the cable separately 
  • A little expensive


  •  Samsung 45W USB-C Super Fast Charger



If you want the charger to be of the same brand as of your phone then Samsung 45W super fast charger is definitely something that you want to buy.

The key reason why it’s one of the best type C chargers for Samsung on the market is that it’s highly compatible with all Samsung phones with a USB C charging port. From Galaxy S22 and S22 ultra to Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Note, this charger can charge any of the Samsung smartphones fast. 

The design of this wall charger is quite compact and has a sleek black finish. Moreover, you have the option to just buy the charging adapter or the adapter along with the charging cable. 

Coming to the technical specifications of the charger. This wall charger from Samsung is a 45W powerful charger that can charge much faster than a standard smartphone charger.

Moreover, the charger can deliver a 3 amp current to power your phone at a much faster rate. All in all, a reliable phone charger that can also charge your laptop or tablet.   


  • 85% energy efficiency
  • Faster charging
  • USB PD PPS support
  • Compact design, easy to carry 


  • Only has a single charging port
  • High-priced


  • Anker 713 Nano II 65W USB C Charger



At no 3, we have another small but powerful charger from Anker and this time it’s the Anker 713 Nano II. 

Compared to other 45W USB-C phone chargers on the market, Anker 713 on average is 34% smaller. So you find it really easy to fit it in any of your socket outlets.

The design of the charger is very much similar to Anker 715. It features a combination of sleek black and silver metallic color and the overall look of the charger will give you the impression of a high-end charger.

Even when it comes to compatibility, Anker 713 is compatible with all popular smartphone and tablet models. No matter if it’s iPhone, iPad, or Samsung smartphones such as S8, S22, S22 ultra, and others. 

The charging speed of the charger is pretty impressive and the 65W charger will charge your iPhone and Samsung phone much faster than a 45W charger.

Another good thing about Anker 713 is that it is powered by GaN II technology that helps in increasing the operating frequency by 20%. In addition, the charger features an upgraded circuit board structure and innovative stacked design to ensure your phone gets consistent power.    


  • Excellent build quality
  • Power and energy efficient
  • Offer value for money
  • Foldable prongs


  • Only has a single charging port
  • Comes without cable


  • Baseus 65W GaN 3 Ports USB C Charger



At number 4 on our best charger for Samsung S22 ultra list is the Baseus GaN 3 ports USB C charger. What really makes this charger a little unique from other chargers on the list is that it features 3 USB ports that include 2 type C ports and a regular USB 3.0 port.

The first USB type C port offers a high power delivery of 65W while the second USB type C port offers a max charging power of 30W. So if you want fast charging, you need to plug your charging cable into the first port.

The design of the charger is a little bulky if we compare it with the other chargers that we have featured above. The charger is in black color and even the finishing of it looks quite good. It also features a power-on indicator light that shows if the charger is powered on or not. It even has a 90-degree foldable plug that makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere. 

What’s really amazing about this Baseus 3-ports GaN charger is that it supports power delivery 3.0 that ensures you get maximized charging efficiency (up to 5x of a regular smartphone charger).

Even if it’s about protection, this charger offers you top-level protection. It has a built-in GaN2 Pro smart chip that ensures multi-level safety protection such as short-circuit, overheating, overcharging, over-current, and over-voltage. Making it safe and convenient for you to charge your phone.


  • Super fast charging
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Excellent protection 
  • 90-degree foldable plug


  • Doesn’t come with a cable
  • May tend to fall out easily of the wall outlet


  • Belkin 68W USB-PD GaN Charger



If you are on the quest for a charger that is powerful, can charge fast, and is small in size then this Belkin 68W USB-PD GaN charger is just what you are looking for. 

Belkin made this charger, especially for those who want to experience the next-level charging experience. Not just it has a smart compact design but is also quite lightweight and that’s what makes this charger worth a buy.

The charger features 2 USB type-C ports which means that you can charge two devices simultaneously. No matter if it’s your phone, tablet, laptop, or any other gadget. The first USB-C port offers a charging power of around 18w while the second USB-C port can offer a max charging power of 60w.   

Talking about the potential charging speed, this charger can 50% charge any of the USB type-C smartphones like Samsung S22 ultra or Google Pixel in under 37 minutes which is really impressive.

Moreover, the charger works on an intelligent power sharing mechanism that ensures optimized charging efficiency when two devices are simultaneously charging. Even the use of GaN transistors enables the charger to produce lesser heat and work efficiently while eliminating the odds of damage to the charger!


  • Dual charging ports
  • Efficient power delivery
  • Smart compact design
  • Ultra-fast charging


  • Doesn’t come with a cable


  • UGREEN 65W 3 Port GaN Charger



Looking to buy a travel-friendly charger that can charge your phone along with your laptop and other devices? This UGREEN 65W GaN charger is pretty much the perfect charger for you!

Starting from the size, the UGREEN GaN charger is a very compact charger and its size is 50% lesser than the original 61W USB-C charger. Even design-wise, it is a charger that you will want to have in your bag or pocket no matter where you are traveling to. The plug of the charger is foldable so you won’t find it difficult to keep it along.  

Similarly to Baseus 65W GaN 3 ports USB C charger, this charger also features 3 USB charging ports that include 2 USB type-C ports and a USB 3.0 port. The first USB type-C port offers a power delivery of 45w while the second USB-C port and USB 3.0 port offers 8.5w power if all the ports are charging.

Furthermore, the charger has universal compatibility which means that from iPhone and Android phones to laptops, tablets, AirPods, and game switches, you can charge anything with it.

The charger also has advanced safety features such as built-in safety protection chip and fireproof housing. In addition, it has a power dispenser system that ensures all the devices get optimal performance while charging. 


  • Super fast charging
  • Travel-friendly
  • Attractive design
  • Materials feel nice and it feels well built


  • May get overheated when charging multiple devices
  • Falls out of the socket easily


  • Hyphen-X 100W GaN Fast Type C Charger



Our last pick for the best charger for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is Hyphen-X 100W GaN fast type C charger. What’s incredible about this charger is that unlike any other charger on this list, it’s the charger that has 4 charging ports. So you can charge 4 devices with it simultaneously without comprising the charging speed.

This super fast charger for S22 ultra has a very simple design and doesn’t have anything extraordinary in terms of looks. Moreover, it has a foldable wall plug so that you can just fold it and keep it in your pocket. 

Out of the four ports, two ports are USB type-C ports while the other two are USB type-A ports and all the ports support quick charge (QA). The two type-C USB ports can offer you a max output of 100w while the two type-A ports offer a max output of 30w.

What further makes Hyphen-X 100W one of the best-rated cell phone chargers is that it features cutting-edge GaN Chip Innoscience power IC that helps in optimizing the power and performance of the charger.

The charger also has an intelligent power distribution system that accurately distributes power among the ports so that every charging device gets maximum charging speed. Moreover, it has the heat-dissipating capability that ensures higher charging efficiency while generating less heat and increasing power efficiency by 80%.


  • Small footprint
  • Can charge multiple devices simultaneously 
  • Ridiculously fast charging
  • Doesn’t look or feel cheap


  • May get a little hot
  • Too heavy for some outlets to hold easily


Final Verdict:

Now when we are done, we hope that you will find the best charger for your Samsung S22 ultra from the list. No matter what’s your budget and how fast charger you are on the quest for, we have above featured the best available options on the market. The list also includes a few multi-port chargers, just in case if you are searching for a charger that you can charge your laptop or other devices along with your S22 ultra. Still, if you have any queries you can ask us in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What charger should I use for my Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra?

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra features a USB-C connector for charging. So you will need a USB type C charger to charge your S22 Ultra.   

Does Samsung S22 ultra have super fast charging?

All the variations of the Samsung Galaxy S22 including the S22 ultra has a built-in super fast charging feature. So it’s a no-brainer that you can use a super fast charger for your S22 ultra.

Can I use a 45W charger for my Samsung S22 ultra?

According to Samsung, the new S22 Ultra supports 45W charging. So yes you can definitely use a 45W charger to charge it. Just make sure you get a high-quality charger from a reputed brand as it offers full 45W power.   

Is a 65w charger good for my Samsung S22 ultra?

By default, the Samsung S22 ultra supports 45w charging. However, you can charge it with a 65w charger if you want faster charging. 

Can I leave my Galaxy S22 ultra charging overnight?

The simple answer is yes! The new Galaxy S22 ultra model from Samsung has power management integrated circuits, commonly known as PMICs that intelligently manage and control the flow of current to the battery. So when the phone battery gets fully charged, the PMICs stop the flow of current to prevent overcharging.

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